Has Hip-Hop become “So Sweet,” to quote Common? Does this mean that the “Gangsta” image that once made Hip-Hop strike fear in the hearts of the suburbs a wrap? See what our esteemed panel of editors, writers and social media kingpins had to say on these topics in the video below. Also, rapper friends don’t […]

Lil Duval is addressing the skinny jeans trend made popular by rappers like Lil Wayne. As previously reported Wayne was spotted rocking a pair of women’s jeggings at Sundays VMAs and has been the subject of scrutiny. Now Duval’s speaking out on it and showing the…”proper”…way to put on a pair of these skin tight […]

Despite Charlamagne making fun of them, it seems he has jumped on the bandwagon and has started wearing Jeggings. Angela Yee, DJ Envy and the New Boyz decided to buy Charlamagne some new clothes so he can stop wearing the same old Timberland boots and Jean suits. Peep the video below to see what Charlamagne […]