Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s attempt of giving their daughter North West the holiest of baptisms seemingly backfired when numerous outlets from the Israeli media treated it like a uholy zoo.

One might ask, how could Kanye West possibly top jumping into Yerevan’s Swan Lake in his father-in-law’s country of Armenia? Announce a free surprise concert at the Jerusalem Citadel’s Tower Of David Museum, of course. Too bad that show got canceled for conflicting reasons we’re able to gather.

Being Jewish doesn’t mean that Shyne automatically sides with Israel over the unrest in the Middle East resulting in airstrikes launched to and from Palestine. The longstanding disagreement between the two countries hit another bloody note last week when Israel shot missiles across the border, into neighboring Gaza City, as a reported act of self-defense. […]

Israeli airstrikes continue to ripple through Gaza City, bringing the Palestinian death toll to 100 Monday (Nov. 19), nearly a quarter of which are children.  According to the Facebook page of ministry spokesperson Ashraf Al-Qidra, 24 children and 10 women have died from the attacks.