Despite the allure of “fast money,” the stripper game is not an easy one. So it’s no surprise that many of them look at rappers as their Golden Ticket off the pole.

On last night’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, everyone lost. Yep, every cast member, down to the miscellaneous characters, came off looking like masters of the not so lost recipe of self-sabotage along with a dash of shucking and jiving. The only person that looked sane was Waka Flocka’s mother, Deb Antney.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has the ratchet reality TV game, involving inept rappers, “struggle & B” crooners and their struggle affiliates, on lock. The latest episode made sure to hit all the marks that make the show a must see since it usually makes you feel better about your own life.

Appreciators of ratchet reality television are surely rejoicing thanks to the return of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The gang is all back and judging from the supertrailer the f-ckery will be at an all time high for the re-up season.

In an event of Groundhog’s Day-like proportions, it seems that Lil Wayne has been caught kissing another man on the mouth again (not that there’s anything wrong with that).