For the record, we really do try to keep the Justin Bieber posts to a minimum around these parties. However, the little homie really f*cked up this time. While you were probably sleeping, the Beebs was busted for a DUI, after being caught drag racing against a former Def Jam artist in Miami Beach. 

We try to avoid all Justin Bieber f-ckery in principle, but this is too crazy to pass up. Allegedly, the Beebs is addicted sipping on that lean aka sizzurp aka the mixture of promethazine (a powerful cough syrup) and Sprite. 

Lil Za is in the running for world’s dumbest rapper criminal and a street survey would probably turn up to very few people knowing him for his work. After being busted on drug charges (some say it’s cocaine, others say it was Molly; whatever all white drugs are bad) during a raid at Justin Bieber’s […]

It seems like Lil Za really was taking Justin Bieber‘s weed carrier responsibilities way beyond the call of duty. Today (January 14) the struggle rapper was arrested for cocaine possession during the raid of the Pop singer’s home due to an ongoing egg attack case. 

Justin Bieber is doing all he can to earn a Hip-Hop validation ’round these parts. After recently hopping on Sage The Gemini’s remix to the new west classic, “Gas Pedal,” and recruiting Chance The Rapper for his own “Confident,” he put the finishing touches on his Journals album and made sure to get lifted with […]

Up and comer Sage The Gemini scored big, fast with two hit singles, “Gas Pedal” and “Red Nose.” The former of the pair apparently caught the attention of pop sensation Justin Bieber, who appears on the remix alongside IamSu!.

Justin Bieber is…well…Justin Bieber. Chance The Rapper is a Chicago MC who caught fire when he dropped his Acid Rap mixtape back in April. So naturally the two have collaborated on a cut called “Confident.”

What was initially some harmless vacation fun for superstar Justin Bieber has become a world of legal troubles. E! News reports that the singer has been charged with vandalism in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil after photos surfaced of him tagging a wall with graffiti.

Justin Bieber needs guidance and better entourage. The Biebs was literally caught snoozing after what we assume was a wild night of partying with a Brazilian model named Tatiana Neves Barbosa. The focus of the story will be said banging bodied Brazilian, obviously.

Score this as a win for struggle rappers and weed carriers everywhere. Justin Bieber has chosen to fall back on battling his former buddy/tenant Lil Twist over the “Wild Kidz” clothing line’s name. 

Seems like Justin Bieber is smartening up. Reportedly, the Beebs has fired his struggle weed carriers, Lil Twist and Lil Za, after jewelry went missing from his Calabasas mansion.

Singer-songwriter Bei Major now goes by Maejor Ali, and returns today with a visual for his catchy single “Lolly,” featuring Juicy J and Justin Bieber.