An epic fight took place Tuesday night (Jan. 21) between the Kansas Jayhawks and the Kansas State Wildcats, spilling out into the crowd before cooler heads prevailed. It all happened in garbage time as the contest was winding down and sparked by a Kansas player who didn’t particularly like the fact the ball was stolen […]

A clout-chasing police officer in Kansas resigned Monday (December 30) after admitting that a McDonald’s employee did not write the words “pig” on the receipt for his coffee. After the store reviewed the video of the alleged exchange, it was determined that the employee didn’t write anything.

The saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks rings true once again. Snoop Dogg doesn’t understand what the big deal is about his recent appearance.

Someone has some serious explaining to do if they haven’t done so already. The University of Kansas is apologizing for a very sexually suggestive performance featuring Hip-Hop legend Snoop Dogg at its late-night event.

Linda Brown, who as a little girl was central in the landmark Brown v. Topeka Board of Education case, has died. The matter made it all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States, effectively ending racial segregation in schools nationwide.

A prominent former leader of the Ku Klux Klan and another white supremacist hate group was arrested Sunday for the murder of three people after shootings at two Jewish centers in Kansas. Frazier Glenn Miller was a former Grand Dragon of the KKK’s Carolina Knights and also had an offshoot group known as the White […]

Gucci’s cooking dope in Louis Vuitton because it’s “kind of classy” with Jim Jones in this new video for “Kansas.” This song is..well, a song and it kind of uses a soothing beat to distract from the pretty vulgar lyrics. Gucci Two Times joins Dipset’s Capo as they employ some eager young women to deliver […]

XV’s Popular Culture mixtape is officially up for grabs, and to commemorate the occasion, the rapper has laced us with a new music video. The 26-year-old dropped the visual for his “Stone Cold (3:16),” which finds him getting back to his Kansas roots.  Spitting over Kendrick Lamar’s “The Recipe,” XV is not far removed from […]

Larry Johnson’s career as a Kansas City Chief is no more! The 29-year-old running back was the superior lackluster NFL franchise, yet star power and talent was not enough to keep him on the team. The decision, handed down swiftly by Chiefs management, comes just ten days away from Johnson’s 30th birthday and 75 yards […]

Right-Wing nut jobs were hootin’ and hollerin’ for joy when Kansas Representative Bill Otto’s “Redneck Rap” hit the net. Needless to say, the general public was not nearly as amused, and have enlisted Anthony Hensley to put the rapping redneck back in his place. “I am appalled,” said the Topeka Democrat of the video in […]