Keith Guru Elam

“The DJ’s name is Premier and I’m the Guru,” said the late, great Keith “Guru Elam” on the intro to Gang Starr’s second album, Step In The Arena. That’s all that was needed for an MC from Boston and a DJ born in Houston (DJ Premier) to create six albums and a collection of classic records.

Homage should only be bestowed to the deserving, and with that we receive a tribute to fallen Gang Starr MC Keith “Guru” Elam, affectionately titled “G.U.R.U.” Almost three years after his death, producer Marco Polo and the legendary DJ Premier connect to create a groove that perfectly embodies both of their styles.

Amid controversy surrounding the authenticity of a final letter from the late Keith “Guru” Elam, the family of the Hip-Hop veteran has decided to release a statement. Guru’s sister Patricia Elam has released a statement that she wants circulated to his dedicated fans detailing his final days before succumbing to his illness. Although formal and […]