A Hasidic Jew visiting from London claiming he was attacked by unknown assailants in Brooklyn set off a hate crime investigation by the NYPD. Now, the gentleman has rescinded his claims and said the he simply fell down and was not a “knockout game” victim.

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More than 400 teens plotted and organized a flash mob riot at the Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Brooklyn yesterday afternoon, December 26. A barrage of separate incidents quickly escalated into one big fiasco which reportedly included a game of knockout on the mall’s top floor.


The year’s most terrible trend, “the knockout game” has been ranged from being classified as an urban myth to an actual hate crime. It seems like prosecutors and legal authorities have had enough and the latter appears to be the proper charge from this point on.


A Black fashion student was allegedly brutally assaulted by Hasidic Jewish men in Brooklyn. According to Taj Patterson, gay slurs were hurled his way during the beating that left him with a grotesquely black eye and other injuries including a detached retina.


The media frenzy surrounding the so-called “Knockout Game” spiked last month after reports of the random attacks sprouted in New York and other major cities, with some alleging it was race-related. In St. Louis, however, police say a woman who claimed a group of Black youth targeted her in the vicious practice was lying to […]

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Recent reports of the so-called “Knockout Game” has spread through major media outlets and onto social media, with many claiming roving packs of black youth are assaulting strangers. Now, it appears that many of the reports of the menacing practice may just be sensationalized reporting and not true facts.


A disturbing trend of unprovoked and random attacks known as the “knockout” game has exploded across the New York metropolitan area. Now, NYPD officials want to investigate the game as a hate crime after several Jews reported they’ve been victims of the violent act.