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More than 400 teens plotted and organized a flash mob riot at the Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Brooklyn yesterday afternoon, December 26.

A barrage of separate incidents quickly escalated into one big fiasco which reportedly included a game of knockout on the mall’s top floor. There was also a large group of teen girls fighting over what was believed to be an offensive t-shirt that lead to security cops being assaulted and jars of candy being smashed in stores.

According to the New York Post, teens used Facebook and Twitter with the ultimate goal of “putting the mall on ’tilt.”

Clerks at shops such as Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret and Mac quickly rolled down metal gates as security guards tried desperately to break up the mob. The mall was closed for roughly an hour around 7 p.m., sources said.

Violent fights also broke out in front of McDonald’s and Best Buy, sources said. Video footage shows a pack of teenage girls punching each other and screaming as security guards struggled to break up the brawl.

Police sources said it’s unclear what prompted the mall madness but some of the teens incorrectly believed the rapper Fabolous would be performing at the mall, according to social media posts.

And they wonder why they say the youth is hopeless. Surprisingly enough, there were no arrests made.

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Photo: YouTube, NYDailyNews

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