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The year’s most terrible trend, “the knockout game” has been ranged from being classified as an urban myth to an actual hate crime. It seems like prosecutors and legal authorities have had enough and the latter appears to be the proper charge from this point on.

Conrad Alvin Barrett, 27 of Katy, TX knows this all too well after his actions have awarded him a federal hate crime for sucker-punching a 79-year-old African-American man, leaving him with two jaw fractures and metal plates inserted into his mouth. Reportedly, he’s now afraid to leave his home or even be alone.

In a strange twist of stupidity, Barrett was actually caught by bragging to total strangers.

Via The Grio:

According to prosecutors, the attack happened Nov. 24 in the town of Katy, but it wasn’t until 12 days later that authorities connected the attack to the cellphone video of it.

Authorities learned of the case because Barrett allegedly showed the video on the night of the attack to an off-duty arson investigator he had just met at a restaurant in nearby Folshear. According to the criminal complaint, Barrett asked the off-duty investigator and the woman with the investigator if they knew about the knockout game. He told them he played earlier that day, then showed them the video, prosecutors allege.

Investigators also obtained evidence that Barrett’s targeting of the unnamed victim was more than just coincidence. Other videos in his confiscated cell phone show him using racial epithets and even going as far as saying “If I were to hit a Black person, would it be never televised?”

Looks like he’s now receiving the fame he sought. Check the gallery for pictures of the victim and the suspect.

Photo: KHOU

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