kool herc

Hip-Hop has grown leaps and bounds since its very humble beginnings in the South Bronx. Thankfully some still pay proper tribute to forefathers of Rap. Good Day New York did just that when they celebrated Hip-Hop’s 40th anniversary.

Last week two of Hip-Hop’s most iconic figures appeared to clash, this after a letter released by the Zulu Nation stated that Kool Herc did create the culture. Zulu Nation founder Afrika Bambaataa has addressed the supposed division in a following statement this week, and says his group and Herc are not at odds.

Yelawolf ft. Kid Rock “Let’s Roll” [Video]   Shady Records artist Yelawolf drops the video for “Let’s Roll,” the second single from his Radioactive album. An Alabama to BX connection is made. Shout out to Kool Herc. Who remembers when Kid Rock was a rapper?