Even though he lives a life of luxury Drake is siding with the people. He made it clear that he isn’t with anyone wearing a cape for the Minneapolis badges that watched an unarmed man die.

Damon Dash reportedly struck out at a hearing early this week. Apparently, he will have to cut a big check but went out slugging by making everyone not on his level feel inferior.

Meg Thee Stallion has a clear understanding how valuable her brand is. So much so she might have to put one of her former associates in legal check.

While Pusha T has a long history of talking snow business his newest effort shines a light on an important social issue. He also secured a feature from Hip-Hop’s most elusive performer in the process.

Kim Kardashian has been quietly making moves to shake up the criminal justice system, using her wealth and influence to help aid in the release of over a dozen inmates. In all, the social media megastar has helped 17 inmates gain freedom in the past 90 days.

The aftermath following the untimely murder of Nipsey Hussle continues to get even more complicated. Chris Darden’s daughter has now spoken up regarding her father’s recent announcement.

Suge Knight is experiencing newfound heights of struggle. The former CEO was recently in court pleading for access to legal counsel but the judge wasn’t hearing any of it.

Right now it’s looking like a question of not if but when New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez will be suspended from Major League Baseball for using performance enhancing drugs. Interestingly, during recently tumultuous times as the third baseman works back from a hip injury, A-Rod has been receiving assistance from Jay Z’s camp including Beyoncé’s lawyer.

It seems like that alleged adult video starring Kanye West and a reportedly 18-year-old Kim Kardashian lookalike is legit. On Friday, September 21st, news broke that someone was shopping a 20-minute video of Yeezy doing the wild thing on camera with a woman that looked a lot like his current girlfriend. Now reports that a […]