Christian Pulisic, a rising player who has achieved much and is still not yet 25, became the subject of a viral clip after he was compared to one of the greatest athletes of all time in LeBron James.


The news comes days after LeBron tweeted that something was fishy about his COVID situation which led many to believe that it was the league’s way of punishing LeBron for Speaking out against his suspension last week.

After he tested positive for COVID-19, the loser squad tried to get #LeCovid popping on Twitter but ended up looking wack in the process.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar was slapped with a $15,000 fine after grabbing his crotch while sinking a dagger shot against the Indiana Pacers.

While playing at Indiana, James got a pair of fans booted for saying tasteless things from their courtside seats, and the cowards of Butt-Hurt & MAGA Twitter are focusing on the wrong things but getting #LeSnitch trending.

Now moving into the world of broadcasting, the former Duke University standout took on Stephen A. Smith after a debate over whether or not NBA players fear LeBron James the way they feared Michael Jordan.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar nearly came to blows with Detroit Pistons player Isaiah Stewart, and many across #NBATwitter thought this was going to be Malice In The Palace part two.

Halloween has come and as expected celebrities did the most over the weekend. While not everyone got it right some clearly understood the assignment.

Earlier this week, Kanye West was recently captured taking a flight from Los Angeles’ LAX airport as a number of fans revealed that they were flying commercial with the DONDA rapper.


Housing a Nike Sports Research Lab on one of it's floors, the NSRL boasts 84,000 square feet for sports research along with the world’s largest motion-capture installation


With the vaccine having become such a highly politicized and polarizing issue, we're not surprised James doesn't wanna touch it as most people who do tend to get slandered, criticized and even death threats