Odd Future are having a stellar year, and this could continue with the new MellowHigh project. The trio (comprised of Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, and Left Brain) are currently streaming their self-titled opus on Myspace for fans’ listening pleasure.

MellowHigh has created a nice little momentum for themselves, as they prep their forthcoming self-titled album. Comprised of Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, and Left Brain, the trio returns with a new leak, titled “Extinguisher.”

Odd Future are set to conclude a stellar year with a new project by MellowHigh, comprised of Domo Genesis, Left Brain, and Hodgy Beats. The young trio return today with a new visual in tow for a smooth track titled “Yu.”

Call 2013 the year of the flourish for Odd Future, who have returned with material much more mature on all fronts. Today we receive a new tune from MellowHigh — similar in cast, but not to be confused with MellowHype — titled “In The Meantime.”

When will they—as in anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to get on stage, uninvited, during an artist’s performance—ever learn? Back on December 8th, Odd Future was performing in San Antonio at the White Rabbit when a fan jumped on stage. Allegedly Hodgy Beats threw said fan back into the crowd, but the crowd […]

Hodgy Beats and Left Brain show you how to kick back and chill on their new video “Break.”

Hodgy Beats and Left Brain also known as Mellowhype are dropping their new album, Numbers, tomorrow. The Odd Future duo’s album includes this new record featuring R&B crooner, Frank Ocean. This Left Brain produced cut will be the third cut off of the album that follows their last effort, BlackenedWhite. 

With one more day remaining in “MellowHypeWeek,” Hodgy Beats and Left Brain drop the second to last song in the series called, “LP.” This is another nice record from the talented duo from the Odd Future collective. The follow up to MellowHype’s last record, BlackenedWhite will drop on October 9th and it will be called, Numbers.  Tomorrow […]

With the release date for their upcoming album Numbers approaching, Odd Future duo MellowHype have decided to dub today as the start of “MellowHypeWeek.” Hodgy Beats and Left Brain will be releasing a new music every day until the album drops next week. Hodgy took to his twitter account to drop this new record “Decoy.” This Left […]

No matter how much shat they talk on records about their knuckle game or hot temper, when a rapper puts them paws on somebody it’s always a WTF moment. That’s because rappers are unpredictable creatures. Blame it partially on their(alleged) past street lives, hectic schedules, loony work hours coke habits and the everyday ups and downs […]

Underground favorite and Queens native, Action Bronson, has found himself a label home at Warner Bros and VICE Records. Bronson announced the news via his Twitter account, which almost didn’t seem real at first. “I really signed to Warner Bros/Vice. Time to get serious,” Bronson initially said. “Through Left Brain.” Other members of Odd Future […]