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No matter how much shat they talk on records about their knuckle game or hot temper, when a rapper puts them paws on somebody it’s always a WTF moment. That’s because rappers are unpredictable creatures. Blame it partially on their(alleged) past street lives, hectic schedules, loony work hours coke habits and the everyday ups and downs of the industry. That erratic behavior can mean, at times, running up on the wrong rhyme artist may possibly yield you an autograph or an eye jammy, depending on which way the wind is blowing.

Some people deserve the fades they receive at the hands of these MCs, like the burglar who tried to run up in LL Cool J’s crib. However, plenty of people don’t. That hasn’t stopped several rappers from mobbing on people for frankly no reason.

Here are 10 rappers who, for one purpose or another, laid the smack down on people who were simply doing what they do…



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