Will Smith

On Friday (July 29), Will Smith took to social media to again apologize to Chris Rock for the infamous Oscars slap. The emotional Smith said that he behavior was unacceptable while apologizing to Rock’s family, as well as his own, and offering more insight into his behavior and remorse.

At a recent comedy show in Holmdel, N.J., Chris Rock addressed being slapped by Will Smith in the most direct way yet. 

In an appearance as guest host on The Wendy Williams Show, actress Vivica A. Fox addressed the now-infamous slap at the Oscars and the comments that Jada Pinkett-Smith made about it this week.

Jada Pinkett Smith suggested that her husband Will Smith and Chris Rock end their feud and set aside their differences.

During a surprise guest appearance at a recent Dave Chappelle comedy set, Rock called the retired rapper the "softest n-word to ever rapped."

Will Smith has been spotted out and about for the first time since the infamous Oscars slap of Chris Rock. However, it wasn't stateside, the Oscar-winning actor is in India.

Chiming in with his own thoughts is the former Fresh Prince's partner DJ Jazzy Jeff, who defended his friend in a very blunt fashion.

The Florida rapper recently took to Instagram Live to shoot an errant romantic shot towards the wife of Will Smith but also praised the former Fresh Prince in a seemingly backhanded fashion. 


One thing we find in common in all of these customers are, they all white people. Just sayin.'


Now, he could just be using the hype around the Chris Rock slap to build some buzz for his latest cut, but we wouldn't be surprised if he's poking at Will Smith in hopes of getting hands put on himself too.

Whoopi Goldberg feels that Will Smith will "be fine", sharing her opinion in a discussion about the actor on the daytime talk show "The View" The segment discussion was prompted by news of film projects Smith had with Netflix and Sony being put on hold.