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Thanks to Tiffany Haddish, the entertainment world as a full-on “whodunnit” regarding the #WhoBitBeyonce controversy. Lena Dunham, who got pegged as the culprit, has denied connection to the mysterious bite to Queen Beyoncé’s face, and Chrissy Teigen knows who did but isn’t telling.


Seemingly out of nowhere Girls star Lena Dunham has found herself being accused of “racism.” But this isn’t the traditional “she hates Black people” racist accusation, no. This is the 2017 version.

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The presidential election is less than a week away and with Cheeto Jesus looking like he has a small chance of pulling off the Hail Mary that’ll end the world, everyone is doing what they can to get Hillary Clinton back in the good graces of swing state voters and the American public in general.

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For a quick second not too long ago, Lena Dunham was getting much love for her quirky character on the hit HBO series, Girls. Today the Soho alumni stopped by the Breakfast Club to talk about where it all went wrong for her (see: 13 Beckys On The Verge Of Cancellation*).


Lena Dunham usually gets promptly ignored around these parts, but the slander is too funny not to comment. The writer, actress, director and alleged feminist basically tried to throw Odell Beckham Jr. under the bus because he didn’t want to smash. 

Actress, writer and director Lena Dunham is one of those polarizing figures who doesn’t need to try very hard to get people to hate. So it should be no surprise that Twitter went nuclear when she dared to come for Kanye West’s new video for “Famous.” 

Shia LaBeouf hasn’t been the most popular person in Hollywood as of late. A feat that he seems quite proud of.

Something…interesting happened on the latest episode of HBO’s Girls over the weekend. Actress Allison Williams covered Kanye West’s “Stronger.”

Lisa Lampanelli who is white, posted a pic of her and actress/writer/director Lena Dunham of HBO’s Girls fame on Twitter. No big deal in itself, but it’s the caption, which used a racial slur (though she’ll tell you different) that is at issue.

Santigold is seriously one smart cookie. Just as the HBO hit sitcom Girls premiered its second season last night (coupled with a double win at last night’s Golden Globe Awards), Santi drops her new video for the title track off the Girls soundtrack.

A compelling argument can be made for Donald Glover as the hardest working man in entertainment today. He’s a co-star on 71 episodes of NBC’s cult favorite comedy Community, a touring stand-up comic, a television writer and an accomplished MC/producer as Childish Gambino. And, according to the New York Post last Friday, Glover can now […]