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Shia LaBeouf hasn’t been the most popular person in Hollywood as of late. A feat that he seems quite proud of.

The Transformers star actor caught 140-character hellfire from the fingertips of his peers and onlookers after it was discovered that a short film he created named heavily “borrowed” from David Clowes’ 2007 novella, Justin M. Damiano.

LaBeouf apologized by using a method typically reserved for lovey-dovey marriage proposals in skywriting. The move was blown off by Clowes publicists and also angered HBO Girls creator and actress Lena Dunham, who LaBeouf intentionally plagiarized with one of her 2012 Twitter apologies.

The tongue-in-cheekiness didn’t stop there as LaBeouf copied and pasted a chunk of Gucci Mane’s 2013 Twitter meltdown where he “admitted to being addicted to lean” and namedropped an impressive amount of artists in the process.

Gucci Mane has definitely made a mockery of himself and although the rapper may be facing 20 years in prison, LaBeouf better tread lightly. He’s definitely not immune to catching the fade.

Check the following pages for the Twitter banter between LaBeouf and Dunham, which also includes actor Patton Oswald getting into the mix, calling LaBeouf’s actions “sheer assholery.”

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Photo: Twitter, Andres Otero, WENN

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