At this point in the game we’re sure everybody knows somebody who’s out there trying to get their rap career started and with that being the case Hot 97 is looking to put on the best of the best and linked up with OG battle rapper Loaded Lux to help make that happen.

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As promised, Cam’ron returns to the Internets with a pair of new tracks in tow. This doesn’t totally make up for Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1‘s numerous push backs, but it’s a start.

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Mac Miller had a few surprises on his sophomore LP Watching Movies With The Sound Off. No, we’re not talking about the rare Jay Electronica sighting. We’re actually referring to an acapella verse from infamous battle rapper Loaded Lux at the end of “Red Dot Music.”

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Hip-Hop Wired continues our weekly countdown of the best of 2012 in this week’s Wired 25. 

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The popularity Loaded Lux has gained for giving that work to rival battle rapper Calicoe in the most recent URL battles wil go down in history. It was one of the greatest examples of lyrical ether ever seen. So it is of no surprise that we find ourselves weeks later and the Loaded Lux train is […]

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While on his way to lyrically dismantling Calicoe in battle, Harlem rapper Loaded Lux created a catch phrase. Fellow MCs (Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z) and fans everywhere, on the Internets and at the barbershop, were saying “You Gon Get This Work,” and the rapper is looking to capitalize off his Smack DVD battle glory by releasing a […]

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New Jersey’s Arsonal goes toe to toe with Math Hoffa straight out of New York at the UW Battle League’s “Anarchy.” At this battle, which took place a few weeks back, was hosted by Peter Rosenberg with a special appearance from Redman. 

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The Internets went crazy with Loaded Lux quotables after footage of Smack DVD/Underground Rap League’s Summer Madness 2 released. Since then, everyone from Lupe Fiasco to King Hov himself have chanted “You gonna get this work,” in some way shape or form.

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This past month at Webster Hall in New York City, the Smack DVD/Underground Rap League’s Summer Madness 2 went down. The round robin style battle rap tournament took place with celebrities like Busta Rhymes, Diddy, Q-Tip and more hitting the show to watch some of the greatest battle rappers in the world throw down for all […]