The former Bad Boy Records artist was released from prison over the summer so it's fitting he's joining the initiative.

After nine years of imprisonment, Loon is finally a free man. He is making the most of his first couple of days out.

Loon is a free man. The former Bad Boy rapper has been released from prison after 9-years served on a drug trafficking conviction.

Loon, a former Bad Boy Records artist, was one a buzzing fixture on the Hip-Hop scene around the turn of the century. Long removed from his rap glory, the Harlem rapper now known as Amir Junaid Muhadith is currently serving time and prison and is the focus of a new profile by Playboy magazine.

The success ratio for being a former Bad Boy artist isn’t a favorable one.

Former Bad Boy Records artist Loon, now known as Amir Muhadith, has been battling a legal matter from his past that came to an unfortunate end this week. After an arrest in November 2011 in Belgium, Muhadith was slapped with drug charges, with the United States requesting he be extradited. On Tuesday (July 16), Muhadith […]

We know what you’re thinking–only 12? Let us explain. Through the years Bad Boy Records has left a number of its former artists in the dire circumstances as Sean “Diddy” Combs and the label he founded moved on. But there are some acts that particularly standout because of their hard knock stories.

It’s hard out here for a rapper. So hard and sinister, in fact, that many artists find themselves turning to religion shortly after their industry days are over, with some even stepping in the pulpit to spread the gospel themselves. Others see the writing on the wall, and head for the high road, even sooner. Many […]

Once known on the Bad Boy roster as Loon, Amir Junaid Muuhadith has returned a changed man since his conversion to Islam. Now casting the music business to the side in order to embrace his religion, the former rapper has diffused any speculation of him ever picking up a microphone to throw any type of […]

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