During an Instagram Live session, the up and coming rapper was allegedly inside a woman's home and refused to leave thus leading to the gun blast to the gut.

A white Lousiana man who shot and killed his girlfriend, his parents, and his girlfriend’s father and brother, went on the run and was arrested Sunday morning (Jan. 27). Dakota Theriot, 21, was found in Richmond County, Va., and reportedly aimed his weapon at police before he was taken in.

The shooting death of Baton Rouge man Alton Sterling did not lead to a criminal prosecution of the officers involved, but a sliver of justice has been delivered in the matter. Baton Rouge Police Officer Blane Salamoni was fired on Friday (Mar. 30), and another officer was suspended for three days in the wake of newly […]

Authorities in Lousiana arrested Jaylin Wayne for the double homicide of two fellow Grambling State University students after a fight went awry.

It’s been a long time coming, but Lil Boosie will finally step foot on free terrain sooner than you think. Per a report by NOLA, the Baton Rouge rapper only has about eight more months to serve in his sentence.

The chants of “Free Lil Boosie!” may soon come to an end, if the legally-troubled rapper’s attorneys are correct in their assessment. Lil Boosie is currently serving an eight-year bid on drug charges, but his legal team only expects him to do four to five more months at the most.

Gucci Mane may have pushed a woman out of a moving vehicle, but Webbie may be coming for his title. The rapper was arrested for battery and robbery after he allegedly kicked a woman down a flight of stairs, then jacked her for $340. Webbie has been accused of attacking the woman inside a Chase […]

A Louisiana woman was put in handcuffs after heckling a married couple for several weeks. Anna Bambino of Monroe, Louisiana was charged with breach of peace after a married couple complained about the pleasantly plump woman attempting to force them into having a threesome with her. The couple alleged that Bambino, 30, called them six […]