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One of the most popular entertainment platforms continues to show that they are for our culture by their actions. Netflix is curating a new film based on a must read story.

In the Marvel Comics world, Luke Cage is by most measures a pretty significant player, but he hasn’t been implemented into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Actor Mike Colter talked about the character’s chances in graduating from the Netflix world into the MCU, although nothing has been made official.

Has it really been that long since we’ve seen Luke Cage handing out fades to bad guys in Harlem? Well, the wait is over, and the second season of Marvel’s Luke Cage is available to the masses via Netflix and fans on Twitter are going up for the Uptown hero.

The last time we saw our bulletproof hero Luke Cage, he was on the receiving end of a fade for the ages. In a new teaser clip for the upcoming second season of Marvel’s Luke Cage, Power Man catches hell up in Harlem from the residents he swore to protect although folks have their doubts.

Luke Cage caught a fade? We see Harlem’s Hero for Hire gets knocked out by a new villain in the official season 2 trailer for the Netflix series Marvel’s Luke Cage. 

Coming this June, fans of Marvel’s Luke Cage series will be able to see their Harlem “Hero for Hire” back in action in all his glory. But before we head back uptown to see Cage cracking bad guys over the head, a new clip has hit the web that showed him training in the NFL […]

It seems Luke Cage fans might be in for some surprises. Lead actor Mike Colter revealed the next installment will be even more brooding.


The first season of Marvel’s Luke Cage had all kinds of Hip-Hop easter eggs that only the truest heads would’ve been able to catch, but naming their episodes after Gangstarr song titles were in the end (pardon the vulgar language), the t*ts.

The streets of Harlem, New York will once again serve as the backdrop for fades aplenty with the second season of Luke Cage approaching this summer. Michael Colter is back in the titular role, and a new trailer that debuted this morning promises a lot of action.

Veteran actor Reg E. Cathey brought dignity and charm to every role he starred in, standing out in HBO’s The Wire and Netflix’s House of Cards series in recent times. The late Emmy Award-winning actor was added to the cast for the second season of Marvel’s Luke Cage series, completing shooting the role as the […]

Luke Cage, one of the more popular characters in the Marvel comics universe and central in a recent run of Netflix series, hasn’t seen much of the same success spread into book sales. The writer for the comic series confirmed that Marvel canceled the title via Twitter, citing poor sales.

A teaser photo for Netflix Marvel superhero series Luke Cage's seocnd season was released exclusively to Entertainment Weekly & features Iron Fist.