Luke Cage Gets Knocked The F*ck Out In New Season 2 Trailer [VIDEO]

Marvel's Luke Cage season 2

Source: Netflix / Netflix

Luke Cage caught a fade? We see Harlem’s Hero for Hire gets knocked out by a new villain in the official season 2 trailer for the Netflix series Marvel’s Luke Cage

The re-up is looking extra lit and the trailer will have you ready to lock in on June 22 when season 2 premieres.

Last season, Luke cleared his name and he’s become a Harlem celebrity, a hood icon that also keeps the hoods in checks. But a new evil foe has arrived on the scene that can actually put a hurting on Luke, a Black man who can shrug off automatic rifle fire at close range—so think about that.

Cheo Hodari Coker is still the showrunner and the Hip-Hop influence is in effect with M.O.P.’s “Ante Up” in the trailer (also, each episode is named after a Pete Rock & CL Smooth song).

 Thirteen all-new Marvel’s Luke Cage episodes will premiere on June 22, 2018. We’re already sold.

Luke Cage season 2 key art

Source: Netflix / Netflix

Marvel's Luke Cage season 2

Source: Netflix / Netflix

Photo: Netflix

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