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Marvel's Luke Cage season 2

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Has it really been that long since we’ve seen Luke Cage handing out fades to bad guys in Harlem? Well, the wait is over, and the second season of Marvel’s Luke Cage is available to the masses via Netflix and fans on Twitter are going up for the Uptown hero.

Out of all the Marvel shows that have come to Netflix over the years, none have approached the complexity of the Black experience in America quite like Luke Cage has. This season, Cheo Hodari Coker is going even deeper into the lead character’s issues and even examines the growing problem of what some call “toxic masculinity” and how it damages the community at large.

A new enemy, Bushmaster, has similar powers to Luke Cage and without giving it all away, he does have a large difference in how he takes on bullets in his skin. As evidenced in the trailer linked above at the start of his piece, he’s also got some power in his hands. And of course, Mariah Stokes is still very much in the picture and a focus of Cage’s rage. We also see Misty Knight get gifted with some new hardware in the form of a robotic arm, keeping true with the comic book version of her character.

Overall, the early consensus is that Luke Cage, the bulletproof hero at the center of it all, much like the show isn’t perfect. Still, there’s something inspiring in seeing a Black lead character put the world upon his massive shoulders as he tries to figure out how to maintain composure, combat villains, and still remain heroic.

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