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Vicks, the company that produces the VapoRub and other related products, found itself trending and folks on Twitter are sharing how Vicks and VapoRub is basically the world's best cure-all ever.

A Twitter user posted a question of turning back the hands of time to 1987, sparking many others to remember one-time electronic goods giant Radio Shack as an integral part of the landscape.

While there was that one time an Iowa teen launched a campaign under the name, today's trend seemingly came out of nowhere.

Of all the myriad number of challenges on social media, these two have been especially titillating.

Ayyyejae, also known as AJ or Aliza, was a recent guest on Adam22's 'No Jumper' podcast and dropped the bombshell accusation.

T-Pain has earned the respect and adoration that should be due to a person as talented as he is, but he’s currently at the center of a roasting session on Twitter that shouldn’t be. A Twitter account posted over 30 rappers and their high school photos, but savvy fans have already discounted that the image […]

If you’ve been on social media for the past 24 hours, you might’ve noticed that everyone’s been looking a little “seasoned” in the face and hair department. An app called FaceApp has gone viral once more after adding a filter that ages the photo of a person it captures, kicking off the hilarious #AgeChallenge on […]

The MAGA nutballs are back at it again after Nike decided not to run a special 4th of July edition of its sneakers featuring the Betsy Ross version of the American Flag due to its ties with racism and slavery. Blaming Colin Kaepernick and political correctness, folks with Right-leaning politics have a new boycott rallying […]

T-Pain has proven over the length of his career that he can make hits and doesn’t need the auto-tune gimmick to properly sing his face off. Tackling 2018’s huge hit in Ella Mai‘s “Boo’d Up” with a vocal remix, Tallahassee Pain has Twitter going crazy over his version.

In further news you can use, the writer of Marcia Griffith’s enduring song “Electric Boogie” has dropped a bombshell on fans of the song that will make it a little awkward to play from now on. The writer of the track, the great Bunny Wailer, allegedly told an unnamed source that the song is about […]

Has it really been that long since we’ve seen Luke Cage handing out fades to bad guys in Harlem? Well, the wait is over, and the second season of Marvel’s Luke Cage is available to the masses via Netflix and fans on Twitter are going up for the Uptown hero.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z effectively stunted on the masses this weekend with the surprise drop of their new joint project, Everything Is Love, but initially, it was only available on TIDAL. Now, the record is enjoying a wider release after Spotify and Apple Music both feature the record much to the delight of fans of the […]