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NyQuil, the longtime over-the-counter medicine used to treat cold and flu symptoms, was made part of a weird trend involving chicken.

As the English language in America is replete with regional influences, AAVE falls under that distinction and a discussion on the style of speaking is currently trending on Twitter.

Vicks, the company that produces the VapoRub and other related products, found itself trending and folks on Twitter are sharing how Vicks and VapoRub is basically the world's best cure-all ever.

A Twitter user posted a question of turning back the hands of time to 1987, sparking many others to remember one-time electronic goods giant Radio Shack as an integral part of the landscape.

While there was that one time an Iowa teen launched a campaign under the name, today's trend seemingly came out of nowhere.

Rapper Erica Banks joined in on the challenge hijinks as did Monica and several others.

As decriminalization and legalization efforts continue to grow nationwide and many states voting on measures this fall, the devil's lettuce is getting a lot of attention in the news of late.

The company is now instead touting that the company is farmer-owned with an emphasis on the land that some on Twitter say is stolen.

Folks on Twitter are running out of things to do, thus the trending topic #HornyHobbies is starting to take hold and it's still the middle of the day for most.

Megan Thee Stallion has yet to release her debut album after dropping an acclaimed commercial mixtape in Fever last year, boasting several chart-topping singles to boot. It appears now that the Houston superstar is allegedly barred from releasing her debut album and any other new music due to some conflict with one of her labels.

President Donald Trump let those Twitter fingers fly once again, which often leads to grammatically-challenged missives that can’t be ignored. The “Covfefe” man is back at it, this time misspelling coronavirus as caronavirus.

If you’ve been on social media for the past 24 hours, you might’ve noticed that everyone’s been looking a little “seasoned” in the face and hair department. An app called FaceApp has gone viral once more after adding a filter that ages the photo of a person it captures, kicking off the hilarious #AgeChallenge on […]