Maffew Ragazino Sr.

Don’t let the limited mainstream looks fool you, Brownsville and Bed-Stuy representers Maffew Ragazino Sr. and Skyzoo, respectively, are a pair of the better MCs in the game. The two artists connect for “BK Accent” and with Sky as the guest, they lyrically relay the benefits of having official Kings County credentials over a horn infused head […]

Maffew Ragazino, Sr. drops a buttery joint called “Amaretto Sour.” Sha Banga on the beat and the track is the first single from DJ Kenta & Teddy Kings’ City Survival Mix, Vol. 2. Download the latest heater from Brownsville’s Maffew Ragazino, Sr. below. 

If you grew up in the 80’s and early 90’s in the NYC and had to walking the BK streets or ride the train to school, the Decepticons gang (and the always freshly dipped Lo Lifes) was very real. Their exploits—like robbing entire train cars—are the stuff of legend, and based on truth. Brownsville repping […]

Maffew Ragazino Sr.  – “Short Yellow Bus Theory” [Video]   Brownsville, Brooklyn’s Maffew Ragazino Sr. drops a viral vid for “Short Yellow Bus Theory”; bruising bars about his dedication to his craft while forgoing any @ss kissing. “Some ni**as hate New York like Pac hated BIG yo, and they from New York too…,” spits Ragazino. […]