Martin Scorsese

Make no mistake Martin Scorsese is a legend when it comes to making films. The famed director bit off more than he can chew when he dissed Marvel films saying they are “not cinema.” Now he is trying to elaborate further, describing the movies as a “new art form.”

Samuel L. Jackson has become a central figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury, and the veteran actor had smoke for one of Hollywood’s top filmmakers. After Martin Scorsese said that Marvel films aren’t real cinema, Jackson smacked down the critique and spoke for the millions of fans worldwide who think […]

A Martin Scorsese film about the origin of Batman’s greatest foe, the Joker? That’s the plan.

Despite your thoughts on Yeezus and whether the music measured up to the narrative surrounding the project, Kanye West has already begun baring the fruits of his most recent labor. Paramount just released an official trailer for a new film called The Wolf Of Wall Street that finds the G.O.O.D. Music mastermind in good company.

With his Red Hook Summer film already in theaters, Spike Lee is moving on to his next joint. The director will unleash his Michal Jackson documentary Bad 25 at the Venice Film Festival in a few weeks, before screening the film at the Toronto International Film Festival. In putting together the film, Lee called on […]