In a New York minute Michael Avenatti went from a resistance avenger taking on Donald Trump on behalf of Stormy Daniels to just another sleezy lawyer looking for a quick and easy payday. Now the 49-year-old lawyer is being held accountable for trying to extort Nike out of millions of dollars.

Michael Avenatti quickly went from hero to zero after claims he was swindling his clients out of money came to light. The disgraced lawyer, who did help get R. Kelly out the paint, is still insisting that Nike paid Zion Williams under the table while he was still in high school, which the brand vehemently […]

Michael Avenatti appeared at one time to be one of the few figures to effectively challenge President Donald Trump’s confidence and bombast. Now, the tough-talking attorney faces another indictment after he was accused of stealing money from former client Stormy Daniels.

R. Kelly made his way to court Tuesday (May 7) to battle claims made by attorney Michael Avenatti, who says he was given a pair of sex tapes showing Kelly engaging in sexual acts with underage girls. Kelly’s side is fighting the claims, saying that Avenatti manipulated and conspired with Cook County State’s Attorney Kim […]

Michael Avenatti has been dogged with accusations of doing some shady business of late, including trying to put the squeeze onto Nike before the apparel company got the drop on him and countered his moves. Now, a new report is alleging that the attorney embezzled money from NBA player Hassan Whiteside after he intercepted a […]

If Michael Avenatti is going down for the extortion plot he is accused of hitting Nike with, he’s taking everyone with him. The infamous lawyer took to Twitter to claim the brand paid now pro NBA players DeAndre Ayton and Bol Bol with under the table money.

The arrest of Michael Avenatti shocked many before he was set to unleash a bombshell allegation that Nike was embroiled in some manner of scandal with high school and college athletes. Now, R. Kelly‘s attorney is using the moment to question Avenatti’s credibility regarding a brewing sex tape case.

Michael Avenatti has been indicted over an elaborate scheme to nab millions from Nike, and it appears there are other charges brewing for the celebrity lawyer. Earlier Monday (March 25), Avenatti tweeted that he had a bombshell admission from a former AAU coach that threatened to blow the lid off of illegal actions made by […]

Attorney Michael Avenatti has been leading a charge to bring justice to the alleged victims of R. Kelly, this time producing a possible piece of evidence that can take the singer down. According to Avenatti, a third sex tape involving Kelly and an underage girl has surfaced.

Michael Avenatti isn’t washed yet. The infamous lawyer has given to authorities a sex tape which he says shows R. Kelly having sex with a minor.

Michael Avenatti, best known as the attorney for adult actress Stormy Daniels, found himself facing allegations of domestic violence last week. Now, the woman at the center of the case is allegedly filing a restraining order against Avenatti, but he claims that he’ll be exonerated in the end.

Michael Avenatti is on the wrong side of the law, allegedly. Stormy Daniels’ lawyer was arrested for felony domestic violence.