"Dear Mama" director Allen Hughes opened up about how he felt that 2Pac would be "dead in six months" after he first heard "Hit Em Up" in a recent interview on Michael Rapaport's podcast.


Part-time actor and full-time social media troll Michael Rapaport gets confronted by the Higher Learning podcast about posting violent videos on his social media


Michael Rapaport got his Hip-Hop hood pass long ago and we’re not completely questioning his credentials, but seeing as though this is OUR culture, he’s still a guest. The actor and Hip-Hop fan took a shot at Meek Mill by calling him trash but has since walked back his comments as he should.

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Actor Michael Rapaport’s been a Hip-Hop culture enthusiast/critic for longer than most Millennials have been on this earth and like most older heads he’s grown a “get off my lawn” type of attitude when dealing with this generation of rappers. Many people take issue with his hot takes on numerous culture related topics so when […]


Michael Rapaport is in the middle of some nasty mudslinging with a former employer and is now bringing a lawsuit over defamation claims. The actor says Barstool Sports put out a t-shirt insinuating he had herpes and wants unspecified damages for the jab.


For decades Michael Rapaport has been a white guy who continuously praises and sticks up for Hip-Hop culture. But at the same time he has gotten a little too comfortable with his pass and has done a few things that would make the average white man seem a tad bit racist.

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Michael Rapaport was a guest this week on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club show, dishing on Trump, Eminem, his beef with LeBron James & more.