Michael Slager, the former South Carolina police officer who shot and killed Charleston man Walter Scott as he fled unarmed on foot, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison on Thursday (Dec. 8).


Michael Slager, the former Charleston, S.C. police officer that gunned down fleeing Black man Walter Scott, has pleaded guilty to the charges. The 35-year-old Slager admitted guilt for the April 2015 shooting as part of a plea agreement, and the Scott family views the moment as justice.


North Charleston police officer Michael Slager shot and killed 50-year-old Walter Scott last April, which ignited furious protests while adding to the ongoing discussion of authorities targeting people of color. Scott’s family received some justice after city officials put forth a $6.5 million settlement which was accepted.


Attorneys for Michael Slager, the disgraced former South Carolina police officer who gunned down a running Walter Scott, are stooping to an all-time low to get their client out of prison.

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Now that Michael Slager has been exposed, some of the policing that he allegedly did in the dark is coming to the light.


Those who still aren’t convinced that Michael Slager’s murder charge for blatantly shooting unarmed (and running) Walter Scott is justified, might want to grab some Q-Tips and listen to his candid conversation after the incident.


By now you might’ve seen the horrific video of an unarmed South Carolina man, Walter Scott, being gunned down by police officer Michael T. Slager—while he was running away. Despite the outrage, there are still some people who don’t believe that Slager should be put away for murder.