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Those who still aren’t convinced that Michael Slager’s murder charge for blatantly shooting unarmed (and running) Walter Scott is justified, might want to grab some Q-Tips and listen to his candid conversation after the incident.

The Guardian obtained audio of Slager talking to a senior officer on the afternoon of April 5 about the after effects of killing someone, and their conversations disgustingly sounds like they’re talking about hunting game.

“By the time you get home, it would probably be a good idea to kind of jot down your thoughts on what happened,” the senior officer told Slager, as he explained to him the general procedures following a confirmed kill in the field. “You know, once the adrenaline quits pumping.”

“It’s pumping,” Slager said with a laugh. “Oh yeah, oh yeah,” the senior officer replied as if he understood what Slager was going through.

Thom Berry, a spokesman for the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, which is investigating the shooting, told The Guardian “It appears that way. I have not been able to independently confirm it,” when asked whether it was Slager on the audio recording. A spokesman for North Charleston police department didn’t respond to any of their requests for a statement.

Slager was charged with murder on April 7 for killing Scott after onlooker Feidin Santana recorded the shooting and sent it to The New York Times.

The audio of Michael Slager’s alleged (but terrible nonetheless) post-shooting interview can be heard below.

Photo: North Charleston Police Department