Now that Michael Slager has been exposed, some of the policing that he allegedly did in the dark is coming to the light.

A man by the name of Julius Wilson is calling Slager and the cops he rolls with a bunch of “corrupt cops” in light of the officer’s murder charge for killing the unarmed Walter Scott.

Reports The Guardian:

Slager is among three patrolmen named in a lawsuit filed by Julius Wilson, who said he was arrested after being stopped in his car in August last year. Wilson is also suing the city of North Charleston, the city police department and the police chief, Eddie Driggers.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Wilson described Slager and his colleagues as “bad, corrupt cops”. He said: “The use of excessive force or punishment to torture suspects is not something that should be tolerated by the North Charleston police department.”

Wilson accuses the police of violating his constitutional rights. He is seeking damages and a jury trial, at which Slager could be called to testify. Wilson’s attorneys said they had obtained police car dashcam video footage from North Charleston officials supporting the allegations.

The lawsuit accused North Charleston of having “an unwritten policy to simply ‘look the other way’” that had “fostered an environment where improper and unconstitutional conduct was condoned, tolerated and/or emboldened” by Chief Driggers and city authorities.

A spokeswoman for Andrew Savage, Slager’s attorney, said in an email he was “not providing any statements or interviews at this time”. A spokesman for North Charleston did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the lawsuit.

Legal counsel for Slager will try to bring up Wilson’s criminal record but Slager has pitted himself into unscrupulous contention all the same. We’ll have to see how this one plays out in court. But of course, there’s video.

Photo: Charleston County Sheriff’s Office

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