It seems one of the most tragic Rap news stories from 2020 is not getting swept under the rug. Police have announced that they have possibly identified MO3’s assailant.

Kewon Dontrell White, 21, faces a charge of Prohibited Person in Possession of a Firearm with a murder charge pending.

Rapper Mo3 was running for his life before he was gunned down in cold blood on a Dallas freeway. Footage of the alleged killer as he left the scene of the murder while holding a gun has been revealed.


For those who aren't familiar with the story, Mo3 was stalked by unknown gunmen after leaving said woman's house last week in Dallas. After a car chase on the I-95 freeway, Mo3 crashed his car and tried to flee on foot before being gunned down by his assailants. He passed away from his gunshot wounds. No arrests have been made in connection to his murder.

The Baton Rouge, La. rapper expressed his thoughts via Twitter, while Mo3's label issued a statement.

A shooting reportedly took place on a Dallas freeway on Wednesday (Nov. 11) and details are slowly coming in while Twitter continues to react to the news.