mtvs hottest mcs list

MTV’s Sway had an opportunity to catch up with Rick Ross during the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, to discuss a few things before the ceremony. Rozay was recently spotted in the lab with Dr. Dre, who had a direct influence on his work ethic after the meeting. “The advice he gave me, it’s already affected […]

“[This is getting way more attention than it deserves. I NEVER DISSED HIM. That s%*t is edited and taken out of context…” Queensbridge’s realest MC, Cormega, has taken to his website to clear the misconceptions about him not liking Canada’s finest, Drake. As previously reported, Mega voiced his disdain of MTV’s Hottest MC List […]

“I don’t listen to MTV, cuz they talking about MCs, but they didn’t even name MCs, they named rappers.  There’s a difference between a rapper and an MC.” Cormega can be deemed as an artist that specializes in his craft and as a rapper/MC it only makes sense that he would have the ability to […]