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“[This is getting way more attention than it deserves. I NEVER DISSED HIM. That s%*t is edited and taken out of context…”

Queensbridge’s realest MC, Cormega, has taken to his website to clear the misconceptions about him not liking Canada’s finest, Drake. As previously reported, Mega voiced his disdain of MTV’s Hottest MC List on Street Disciplez Radio and had this to say about the MC:

“I can’t f&*k with Drake. I like Drake as a young man trying to make money but I can’t take him serious because for one he’s rich…I don’t like when these spoiled rich kids just get into rap cause it’s something they could do…and they start rapping about a life they never lived. Go do something else. If I could switch with you, I would be the rich goody goody my whole life. Ni**as like us rap about s&*t because we lived it, these ni**as use rap as a hobby.”

In his forum on his website, Cormega made sure to clear up the comments and to make sure everyone knows that he doesn’t have any issues with Young Money’s starting point guard. He stated,

“[This is getting way more attention than it deserves. I NEVER DISSED HIM. That s#&t is edited and taken out of context. They asked me what do I think of Drake rapping on some street thug s**t and I said I never heard Drake rapping like that. Then they recited words from the verse and I said I what I said which is basically the good kids or the rich or kids from good backgrounds should reflect that in their rhymes. Why would I say rich kids shouldn’t rap, that’s completely stupid and untrue? Rich people and white suburban kids buy 70% of rap so why would I want to offend them OR DISS THEM WHEN THEY SUPPORT ME!

All I meant was I can’t respect when people try to be street and they have no street history and the streets are dangerous as opposed to the places they grew up. Will Smith never acted hard but we still enjoy his music. Grand Puba never rhymed hard or glorified the streets and he’s on my album.

Anyone who read or reads any of my recent interviews will notice the one with the Drake mention is a complete contradiction to all my recent interviews and moves. I haven’t made a controversial record in years and anybody who did a interview with me recently will tell you I’m against controversy. If I offended Drake or any of his fans, I’m man enough to say pardon me BUT don’t judge me until you’ve heard the entire UN-EDITED version and last but not least I was just on [the] BET show, “The Deal.” And what did I rap over — A DRAKE BEAT. In other words if I had beef with him or felt any way against him I wouldn’t have used his beat. DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE. The media is good but some media exploit controversy for there own gain. PEACE.”

Cormega dropped his third official solo album Born And Raised last week and will hold an album release party and concert this Thursday at SOB’s in New York. Click here to check out his new video “Journey” and also check out Hip-Hop Wired’s recent interview with Mega here.