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Street Disciplez Radio is speaking out regarding the controversial Cormega interview that spawned the rumors that Cormega was dissing Drake. As previously reported, Cormega stated in an interview that he felt his words were taken out of context in an interview he did with an unnamed website, well Street Disciplez Radio has contacted Hip-Hop Wired […]

Why’d you get this ni$@a started???  In a recent interview with Street Disciplez Radio, West Coast MC Knoc-turn’al took a few shots at The Game as he prepares his comeback. When asked about the state of West Coast Hip-Hop, he took that as a platform to throw Game under the bus.  Knoc stated, “I’m a […]

“[This is getting way more attention than it deserves. I NEVER DISSED HIM. That s%*t is edited and taken out of context…” Queensbridge’s realest MC, Cormega, has taken to his website to clear the misconceptions about him not liking Canada’s finest, Drake. As previously reported, Mega voiced his disdain of MTV’s Hottest MC List […]

“I don’t listen to MTV, cuz they talking about MCs, but they didn’t even name MCs, they named rappers.  There’s a difference between a rapper and an MC.” Cormega can be deemed as an artist that specializes in his craft and as a rapper/MC it only makes sense that he would have the ability to […]