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Why’d you get this ni$@a started???  In a recent interview with Street Disciplez Radio, West Coast MC Knoc-turn’al took a few shots at The Game as he prepares his comeback.

When asked about the state of West Coast Hip-Hop, he took that as a platform to throw Game under the bus.  Knoc stated,

“I’m a prince and there’s a lot of knights at the roundtable and they asked me to back up for Guerilla Black and Game and let them have a little room and they didn’t do their jobs so I had to come out my bat cave to do it again.  I’m not like these other suckers.  Dr. Dre pay me.  I don’t have to rap again.  I got my cheese.  I don’t have to rap.  It’s not a point of having to rap.  The point is I respect our culture on the West enough to do it again.”

Now why he would put his career on hold for someone else when he was barely established himself is the question.  Might be the label issues he had a few years back.  Anyway he went on further with the bashing and added,

“I didn’t hate.  They didn’t do what they was supposed to do… I’m gonna say something about the 50 Cent/ The Game beef.  If somebody is making you a $100-million a year and then somebody else is coming in and trying to destroy that, is that not Satan.  What I’m saying is he (The Game) came back around and now he’s back with Dre because he stopped being a follower of the devil.  (I guess the devil is 50 Cent).  The devil is active always.  It’s no disrespect to Game but it’s a reason why I don’t do songs with certain people.  Maturity is the key.”

Knoc-turn’al then stated that 50 Cent threw The Game a lifeline and saved his career from being  dust on the shelves of Interscope.  He concluded,

“Let me tell you about business instead of where you from.  Game is from Compton.  OK, we know that.  Game was about to get dropped from Aftermath.  Aftermath and Interscope was about to drop him and 50 Cent picked him up and put hooks on his stuff.  The only reason he was about to get dropped from Aftermath was because he couldn’t make no hooks for his own music.  So 50 Cent picked him up, made some hooks for him and put him out and he sold 5 million records.”

Never one to take shots lying down, the Compton general fired back via Twitter and stated that the reason for the disses were because he turned down Knoc-turn’al’s invitation to record some music together.  The Tweets read:

“4 days ago, knocturnal was hittin me on here, sayin how much he a fan & can we work, now he on da radio talkin sideways cuz I said NO! ha ha

see u when I see u #b**cha*sni**a !  u had half a hit, u only sold 3 copies & now u a crackhead ! get some help ni**a or go OD somewhere f*g

R.I.P. Cock-turnal ! music career (born) 6-14-99 (died) TODAY !”

I never heard Knoc battle but The Game is built for this.  It’ll be a shame if his comeback was silenced before it even started but we’ll see what happens…

Peep the video below: