Street Disciplez Radio is speaking out regarding the controversial Cormega interview that spawned the rumors that Cormega was dissing Drake.

As previously reported, Cormega stated in an interview that he felt his words were taken out of context in an interview he did with an unnamed website, well Street Disciplez Radio has contacted Hip-Hop Wired to tell their side of the story.

“[Street Disciplez Radio] has sat back and watched him put his words on us by accusing us of selective editing,” the statement read. “We never asked him what he thought about Drake rapping hardcore and not once did we ever read him any lyrics from any of Drake’s songs. When he went off on his tangent about Drake, we were asking him about some of Jay-Z’s latest material, and one of the songs was “Off That” featuring Drake.”

When asked about where the misconception came from, Street Disciplez states:

“[The comments came after] we mentioned that the song featured Drake, that’s when he went off on his tangent about Drake being rich and how he doesn’t like it when spoiled rich kids get into rap and start rapping about a life they’ve never lived. Although I’m the first to admit that the media sometimes edits things to make people look bad or to stir up controversy, this was not one of those times.”

Street Disciplez also said they were unaware of any apology made to Cormega because they didn’t do anything to be apologetic about.

Peep the interview in full detail below:

Check In At 22:23 mark

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