It’s been a long time coming, and Donald Trump’s alleged gang of co-conspirators are finally beginning to get their day in court. The process continues with their surrender to the Fulton County Jail in the Georgia for election interference, and all their mug shots are being taken.


Toxic relationships are full of passion and heat, but can go left at the drop of a dime and Megan Thee Stallion is no stranger to such. The Houston star shared details of her 2015 arrest for fighting with an ex-boyfriend after discovering he cheated on her and fathered a child.


Donovan McNabb needs to get his life together. Back on June 28, the former NFL quarterback was arrested in Arizona for DUI, again. 

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Cute Mugshot Girl is Alysa Bathrick, who was popped last year for selling prescription pills. Well, she’s back, with a new mugshot—this time for shoplifting.


A Delaware mother most likely won’t be invited to any PTA meetings after police say her 4-year-old daughter took 249 packets of heroin to daycare and passed them out to her friends, mistaking the contraband for it candy. Via Raw Story: Ashley Tull, 30, of Selbyville was charged with drug possession and endangering the welfare […]


Breakout rap sensation Rae Sremmurd’s music exudes a sense of rebellion for the new generation, and that is exactly the kind of thinking that prompted one of its members to be arrested.

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Former Phoenix Suns standout Rex Chapman reportedly made $22 million during his 12-year NBA career. And just like half of the planet Earth, he probably wanted an iPhone 6.


Ashlee Williams is clearly about that life. About a week ago, the 25-year-old was accused of robbing three men at gunpoint in Dayton, OH, but her mugshot may be the most fascinating part of this story. 


The hunt for viral mugshots have increased since the unexpected superstardom on Jeremy Meeks, but Angela Green’s jailhouse photo-pp following her arrest for refusing to leave a hotel room had quite the opposite effect.

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Not everyone had a laid back Memorial Day Weekend filled with barbecues, alcohol, pool parties, and DUIs… there was also a bunch of struggle involved. Mainly in the case of Tiara Monique Garness who wanted to put her cheeks on display, and ended up arrested instead.

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It’s important to find the silver lining in any situation. In the case of Shermain Miles, a Chicago woman who has been arrested over 390 times since 1978, it’s earned her a special place in police history.


The Air Jordan XI in the ‘Bred’ colorway is priced at $185 at retail. Apparently, that is the cost of a life as Houston man was gunned down for his shiny new pair. On Monday, Dec. 31, Anthony Quinn Wade, 19, was charged with capital murder in the death of Joshua Wood, who was shot […]