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It’s important to find the silver lining in any situation. In the case of Shermain Miles, a Chicago woman who has been arrested over 390 times since 1978, it’s earned her a special place in police history.

Miles, who is homeless, has been popped for everything from using fake names, to theft (for which she was arrested 92 times), to prostitution. She’s currently incarcerated, and faces up to two years behind bars.

The Grio reports:

Over the years, Shermain Miles, 51, was arrested 65 times for disorderly conduct and 59 times for crimes related to prostitution, among other things, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. She has used at least 83 different aliases and is well known among merchants and residents in several neighborhoods on Chicago’s North Side. One florist called police about her 25 times last summer.

Miles, who is homeless, is imprisoned at the Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln. She was arrested last year after allegedly chasing down Chicago Alderman James Cappleman, which is a possible parole violation after a 2010 conviction for robbing a 75-year-old at knife point. She’s due before the Illinois Prisoner Review Board Tuesday. If it’s determined that she violated her parole, she will be behind bars until April 2014.

A stellar arrest record places Miles within the top 1 percent of people busted repeatedly by the Chicago Police Department.

With a little perseverance there’s no doubt that Miles can make it to 400 arrests by year’s end, but here’s hoping she doesn’t. Peep some of her mugshots in the gallery.

Photo: Chicago PD

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