Shermain Miles

By now, it would appear that Shermain Miles’ entire existence would cease to exist if her wrists didn’t feel the presence of a cop’s metal bracelets.

Shermain Miles has been a nuisance in Chicago for over 35 years, where she has been arrested a whopping 396 times for a variety of offenses. After serving time for chasing and allegedly pulling a knife on Alderman James Cappleman, the 52-year-old Miles claims she’s ready to change.

The Cook County court system has had enough of Shermain Miles. The 51-year-old is nearing 400  (396 to be exact) arrests since 1978, and a judge believes mental health and substance abuse issues need to be addressed.

It’s important to find the silver lining in any situation. In the case of Shermain Miles, a Chicago woman who has been arrested over 390 times since 1978, it’s earned her a special place in police history.