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Shermain Miles has been a nuisance in Chicago for over 35 years, where she has been arrested a whopping 396 times for a variety of offenses. After serving time for chasing and allegedly pulling a knife on Alderman James Cappleman, the 52-year-old Miles claims she’s ready to change.

Miles was released from the Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln on Monday (Nov. 18), this after serving a year for the attack on Cappleman. She was sent to prison as a result of a parole violation in a 2010 knife point robbery of a 75-year-old Bosnian immigrant.

On Monday, the Chicago Sun-Times captured video of the presumably changed Miles, where she’s hoping to get her life back on track after decades of booze and drug-fueled instances in North Chicago and abroad.

“If they can find it in their heats to forgive me, that’ll help me,” said Miles at an Amtrak train station en route to Chicago. “So I can go on in my future and my life.”

She added, “It was not me, it was the alcohol. I really apologize, I’m very sorry.”

Miles said she turned to drinking and her long-running spate of crimes because of family issues and having her children taken away from her. In closing, Miles said she’s getting counseling and has been ordered by the residential second-chance home for ex-inmates.

Officers at Logan Correctional said she was a model prisoner and Cappleman even showed support despite their past dealings. Hopefully, Miles has really changed her ways. It’d be a shame if she got to 400 arrests, wouldn’t it?

Check out a small sample of Miles’ 396 arrests, the Chicago Sun-Times video interview, and pics of her trip back to Chicago on the following pages.

Photo: Chicago Sun-Times, IBT Times,

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