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By now, it would appear that Shermain Miles’ entire existence would cease to exist if her wrists didn’t feel the presence of a cop’s metal bracelets.

After vowing to turn her life around earlier in November, the 52-year-old who had been arrested an obscene 396 times dating back to 1978, decided to turn back to her life of struggle instead, and was arrested on charges including misdemeanor battery, theft and drinking in public charges.

For shame, Shermain.

Reports NYDaily News:

Shermain Miles, 52, allegedly swiped a 63-year-old man’s keys before police found her nearby drinking and “engaging in a physical altercation with a male companion” on Dec. 18, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Miles was booked on several charges that include misdemeanor battery, theft and drinking in public, officials said.

The woman told the newspaper last month that she was tired of spending time behind bars and was aiming to turn her life around.

Her continuous run-ins with the law possibly wouldn’t be newsworthy if Miles didn’t actively engage with the media this past November following her latest release from jail. “If they can find it in their heats to forgive me, that’ll help me. So I can go on in my future and my life,” she explained to the Sun-Times.

It’s quite obvious she needs more people. And a pre-paid legal gift card for Christmas. Check out the gallery for her latest mugshot. There’s a certain inkling in the picture that tell us it won’t be her last.

Photo: Cook County Sheriff

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