Nancy Pelosi stepped down from her senior Democratic leadership position in the House of Representatives on Thursday, paving the way for Hakeem Jeffries to reportedly take over once the next Congress convenes next January. He was endorsed publicly for the role by House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn and Congressional Black Caucus chairwoman Joyce Beatty.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being hailed as a hero on social media at the conclusion of the latest House Jan. 6 committee hearing.

In an interview with New York Times, the 55-year-old comedian and 'Fargo' actor stated that the Democratic Party's aims in getting President Donald Trump impeached took the focus off the growing pandemic.

The House Speaker was a guest on Anderson Cooper's CNN program and warned that the president shouldn't take the unproven drug hydroxychloroquine to prevent COVID-19 due to his age and weight.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has formally announced plans to move ahead with impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, and the Comrade-In-Chief and his many supporters are unraveling. With remarkable poise, Speaker Pelosi spoke in a brief news conference heard around the world and the reaction is telling from all sides.

Although 50 Cent might be the last person many would expect to be making a visit to Washington’s Capitol Hill to meet with lawmakers, do remember that he is one of the savviest business minds around. The G-Unit mogul sat with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress to address the issue of […]

President Donald Trump found himself on the receiving end of criticism from his Democratic Party opposition as leaders held a meeting in the White House Wednesday (October 16). In a heated exchange where the Orange Overlord of Chaos insulted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, an image of the politician literally standing up to the president has […]

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stated the obvious today (Feb. 2). She described Comrade Trump’s senior advisor Steve Bannon as exactly what he is—a white supremacist.

There were new jobs created throughout the month of July, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the Obama administration should be celebrating—yet. A reported 163,000 jobs were created in July, and while the number is more than any other month since February, the unemployment rate has risen from 8. 2 to 8.3 percent. Over 12 million […]

Attorney General Eric Holder will be the first head of a Justice Department to be held in contempt, following a senate vote Thursday (June 28), which ruled to uphold the charge. Holder faces ramifications for failing to release documents from the failed Operation Fast and Furious mission. The House of Representatives voted 255-67 , with […]

President Barack Obama made history today, signing the healthcare reform bill into law. His landmark victory comes after 219-212 vote Sunday with no Republican support. Speaking to a crowd of people, the President said: “Today after almost a century of trying; today, after over a year of debate; today, after all the votes have been […]

History was made Sunday March 21,2010 when the House of Representatives passed President Barack Obama’s health care reform bill. The victory did not come without controversy however. When Representative John Lewis of Georgia accompanied Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi into Capital Hill he was taunted with racial slurs of “n*gger” and even reportedly spat […]