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Attorney General Eric Holder will be the first head of a Justice Department to be held in contempt, following a senate vote Thursday (June 28), which ruled to uphold the charge. Holder faces ramifications for failing to release documents from the failed Operation Fast and Furious mission.

The House of Representatives voted 255-67 , with the majority of the votes coming from Republicans. A number of Democrats, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and members of the Congressional Black Caucus protested by walking off the House floor.  “Today’s vote is the regrettable culmination of what became a misguided—and politically motivated—investigation during an election year,” Holder said in a statement. “By advancing it over the past year and a half, Congressman (Darrell) Issa and others have focused on politics over public safety. Instead of trying to correct the problems that led to a series of flawed law enforcement operations, and instead of helping us find ways to better protect the brave law enforcement officers, like Agent Brian Terry, who keep us safe— they have led us to this unnecessary and unwarranted outcome.”

President Obama attempted to protect Holder’s rights by evoking executive privilege, but the move did little to change the minds of members of the House.


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