Congressional Black Caucus

Some pressure is now coming from members of Congress to gain freedom for imprisoned rapper A$AP Rocky, who is currently being held in Sweden. After reports went out that the A$AP Mob honcho was living under inhumane conditions, members of the Congressional Black Caucus are demanding his immediate release.

If you watched last night’s State of the Union, besides the outright lies spewing from the alleged POTUS’ mouth, you may have noticed some Congressmen and Congresswomen wearing kente cloth. They were members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), and the gear was to protest Trump calling African nations, and other countries, “sh*tholes.”

Last week at the annual Congressional Black Caucus Foundation event in Washington, President Barack Obama was present at the 2016 Phoenix Awards dinner that concludes the conference. In a closing speech, the president remarked on his place in history, race in America, and much more in moving fashion.

If you are currently in search of Hip-Hop culture jumping the shark to waters where it need not go, look no further than Representative Charlie Rangel’s latest campaign ploy.

Female U.S. Army soldiers–especially Black ones were up in arms over the government’s new regulation that seemingly singled out ethic hairstyles. According to the new amendment in the regulation, twists, dreadlocks, and cornrows–of specific diameters–were to be forbidden effective April 1.

House Budget Chairman and former Vice President candidate Paul Ryan, R-Wi, has some explaining to do to African-Americans–and he will, following comments he made that basically implied Black people in the ghetto don’t work hard.

The father of George Zimmerman has a huge beef with the Black community, mainly because he believes them to be extremely racists. In the work,  Florida v. Zimmerman: Uncovering the Malicious Prosecution of My Son, George, released Friday (June 15) via Think Progress, Robert Zimmerman’s Sr. calls out just about everyone to blame for his son’s current […]

Attorney General Eric Holder will be the first head of a Justice Department to be held in contempt, following a senate vote Thursday (June 28), which ruled to uphold the charge. Holder faces ramifications for failing to release documents from the failed Operation Fast and Furious mission. The House of Representatives voted 255-67 , with […]

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and the Congressional Black Caucus Spouses are honoring two men for their achievements in the African American community, Sam Gilliam and Tyler Perry. Both renaissance men will be recognized during the 13th annual ‘Celebration of Leadership in the Fine Arts’ on September 23 at the National Museum of Women in […]