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The father of George Zimmerman has a huge beef with the Black community, mainly because he believes them to be extremely racists. In the work,  Florida v. Zimmerman: Uncovering the Malicious Prosecution of My Son, George, released Friday (June 15) via Think Progress, Robert Zimmerman’s Sr. calls out just about everyone to blame for his son’s current predicament (except his son).

Robert Sr. theorizes that racism is “flourishing at the insistence of some in the African-American Community.”


From The Root:

Zimmerman writes at length about his background and his family’s multiracial identity, seemingly to counter accusations that his son, a 29-year-old neighborhood-watch volunteer, was racially motivated to shoot the unarmed black 17-year-old last year. Zimmerman is white, and his wife is Hispanic.

“In the Zimmerman household, relatives, friends, neighbors and classmates were certainly a diverse, wholly accepted mix.” He describes his son’s prom date as “a lovely young lady … They were an attractive couple. No one ever even considered the fact that George was Hispanic and the young lady happened to be black.”

Zimmerman devotes a chapter to the racial overtones of the case that promise to further inflame the issue. In the chapter “Who Are the True Racists?” he accuses a number of black leaders and organizations of being racist. He also criticizes the attorneys representing the Martin family as being race-baiting schemers.

There was also talk about President Obama, although the elder Zimmerman never came right out and called the commander in chief racist. He did however lash out against the NAACP as promoting “racism and hatred for their own, primarily financial, interests” and “without prejudice and racial divide, the NAACP would simply cease to exist,” and the Congressional Black Caucus as a “pathetic, self-serving group of racists… advancing their purely racist agenda.”

With the start of his son’s second-degree murder trial last week, Robert is the second member of the family to speak out recently. Robert’s son and namesake, Robert Zimmerman Jr. assured that the 29-year-old accused killer will be vindicated. “In this country, the burden is on the state, so before we get to taking the stand we really have to think about what an appropriate case would be and juxtapose that to how the state presents its case,” he said. “It’s my suggestion that the state doesn’t have a case.”

Martin was gunned down last February. The 17-year-old was returning from the store with skittles and ice tea in hand, and reportedly got into a physical altercation with George before being shot.


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‘s second-degree murder trail started last week and is still in the jury selection stage.