It’s 2023, and the NAACP Board of Directors has issued a travel advisory for Florida, citing that the state is “hostile toward African Americans.” Considering MAGA-friendly Governor Ron Desantis’ blatantly racist legislation aimed at the “woke,” often a replacement for the n-word in far-right circles, where is the lie?


A ban on menthol cigarettes on the city and state level in New York has led to a conflict between activists in the Black community who are for and against the ban. A group against the proposals led by family members of Eric Garner & George Floyd held a protest at City Hall, and a group led by members of the NAACP and one of the City Council members supporting the ban was held a block away at One Police Plaza.


The potential announcement by the Biden administration to forgive $10,000 worth of student loan debt for those making under a certain amount has been met with displeasure by the NAACP, who feels it's not enough to help Black borrowers who are most impacted by student loan debt.


50 Cent continues to flourish in Hollywood. His television project scored some major wins over the weekend.


JAY-Z has steadily built a track record for giving back to the people. His efforts will be recognized by his peers this weekend.


It is time once again to recognize African Americans who continue to shape American culture for the better. Later this month the highest honors for melanin people will be announced.

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The NAACP has issued a stark warning to Black people traveling to the state of Missouri. It is the first time the Civil Rights organization has crafted a travel advisory in this fashion, which is in response to a new law that would make racial discrimination lawsuits difficult to enact in the state.

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Black folks did their thing in music, film, television and literature this year. This year’s NAACP Image Awards nominations reflect that perfectly. 

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Chance The Rapper and the NAACP are joining forces this fall to register potential voters at a series of the Chicago rapper’s concerts across the nation. The NAACP’s Youth and College Division will help lead the charge during the Magnificent Coloring World Tour by way of the #staywokeandvotecampaign.


The Internets is currently going nuts after it came to light the president of an NAACP chapter who claimed to be African-American, is actually white. It was Rachel Dolezal’s parents who dropped dime on their estranged daughter’s perpetration of a fraud. 

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At the beginning of the year, 21-year-old Terrance Walker was shot to death by a Oklahoma police officer while he was trying to flee the scene where he was being apprehended at.


An improvised bomb exploded outside of the Colorado Springs NAACP building on Tuesday, sparking a wide investigation in the Colorado town. Authorities say they are on the heels of a person of interest in the blast, and were able to confirm no one was injured.