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If you are currently in search of Hip-Hop culture jumping the shark to waters where it need not go, look no further than Representative Charlie Rangel’s latest campaign ploy. The 84-year-old Harlem native is seeking reelection for his seat over at New York’s 13th congressional district and he’s sadly turned to an unnamed, uncredited struggle rapper to do so.

The song “Vote For Rangel” appeared without warning on the YouTube channel “Rangel For Congress” on Saturday June 21, in a last-ditch effort to get young people’s attention. Over a bass-heavy southern beat, the record features all the rapper clichés found in 75 percent of music below the industry level. Slurred speech and inaudible lyrics? Check. Repetitive chorus? But of course. Mixing a double-time flow in the middle of a swag cadence? Need you even ask?

Most likely the rappers on the track are relatives of the politician. Given a man of his age, he’s bound to have a few ties to some kid recording out his closet.

Such lowbrow gimmicks wouldn’t be necessary had President Obama lent him an olive branch in the form of an endorsement he had desperately sought after. Politico reports that the Congressional Black Caucus had been lobbying the White House for an endorsement but failed to get a response for their efforts. Chances are the request was heard however. Democratic National Committee spokesman Michael Czin released a statement which read, “Like 2010 and 2012, the president will not be endorsing in this race. However, he believes that Mr. Rangel has been and continues to be an advocate for quality, affordable health care, fair wages and opportunity for all his constituents.”

Which, of course, is fancy politician speech for “you’re own your own, chump.” President Obama has endorsed Democratic incumbents in primaries this year in California and Texas so it’s clear that he didn’t want to be bothered with his frenemy this go around.

As for Rangel’s new record, you can listen below. Even if it doesn’t make you want to toss him your support, do make sure you exercise your right to vote in tomorrow’s election, regardless.

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Photo: YouTube