Rick Pitino has been fired as the head of the University of Louisville’s Men’s Basketball team. The coaching great has no doubt been booted after the school’s involvement in an FBI investigation the led to the arrest of four college coaches and adidas exec, among others, for bribery. 

The feds have arrested four assistant coaches and an adidas exec, among 10 people, on charges the include bribery and fraud.  

2016 No. 1 NBA Draft Pick Ben Simmons tells us how he really feels about his one year of college before going pro.

North Carolina clearly underestimated the influence of the LGBTQ community. Add the ACC to the list of organizations pulling events out of the state due to its Anti-LGBT bathroom laws.

Three Black swimmers made history at the NCAA Women’s Division 1 Championship Saturday (March 21). Simone Manuel, Lia Neal, and Natalie Hinds took home gold, bronze, and silver medals becoming the first black women to sweep the D1 swimming championship.

Referees handed ejections like free lunch after a fight broke out during Alabama Crimson Tide women’s 51-50 win over Auburn on Thursday night (January 22).

It appears the NCAA feels that their student-athletes deserve to receive endorsements for their likeness being used in video games.

Flipping exclusive sneakers for a higher price has sadly become a norm consumers have to deal with, but it appears that there’s consequences to doing so if you’re a NCAA player. Just ask Oregon Ducks starting point guard Dominic Artis and forward Ben Carter, who were both suspended for selling player exclusive Nike Air Jordan sneakers reserved for […]

In the high-stakes world of college basketball, players dream of making it to next level and the potential millions to be earned. For UCLA freshman hoops standout Shabazz Muhammad, however, it appears that his father has been grooming him for the pros in a shady fashion. 

Drake started his career in the acting world, and will make somewhat of a return by lending his voice to film. Drizzy was announced today as narrator of the Turner Sports documentary, Bluegrass Kingdom: The Gospel of Kentucky Basketball, to air on TruTV next week.